Internship Program

UFICO works with the University of Florida Warrington College of Business to provide internship opportunities to students in the Master of Science in Finance Program. Interns will be exposed to each of the following three areas: (1) traditional assets (global equity and fixed income), (2) hedge funds, and (3) private investments (private equity and real assets). Responsibilities will include portfolio analytics, manager evaluation, preparation of Board of Director reports and other ad hoc analysis. The program gives students the opportunity to interact face-to-face with investment managers across all asset classes as well as converse with CEO's and upper management of companies across the spectrum of industries. The position may require some travel.

CFA Program

UFICO encourages interns to enroll in the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) program to enhance their marketability upon graduation. UFICO will help defray the cost of seeking the CFA designation. More information on the CFA program may be found at

More information on the internship program may be found by contacting the Warrington College of Business MSF Program

Current Interns:

Former Interns:

Peter Weidner, MSF 2005
Brandon Baker, BSBA 2006
William Brian Dana, MSF 2006
Jason Klauk, MSF 2007
Jose Fornell, MSF 2007
Ang Li, MSF 2007
Abe Ouano, MSF 2007
Daniel Hobbs, BSBA 2008
Jason Lazarus, MSF 2008
Collin Mings, MSF 2008
John De Stefano, MSF 2009
Lucas Posson, MSF 2009
Philip Corigliano, MBA 2010
Kenneth Ying, MSF 2010
Damon Polistina, MSF 2010
Brenden Vickers, MSF 2011
William Twible, MBA 2011
Dmitry Almanza
Brett Gasaway, MSF, 2013
Matt Scarola
Jeff Masse
Caroline Rawe
Joeseph Jurbala
Spencer Flaniken
Matt Roach
Nicholas Appelo
Cory Bunce
Marie Thomas
Josh Villegas